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Off-grid power generation system

Off-grid Solar power System

Making use of the current produced by the ¡°photovoltaic effect¡± when light irradiates on surface of highly pure silicon, the system makes the electricity stored into accumulator cell after the electricity is collected and treated through a series of solar module.

Principles of description£ºThrough the solar PV modules, solar radiation will be converted to electrical energy generation system known as the photovoltaic power generation system known as off-grid photovoltaic power generation system, not with the public grid connected PV systems, also known as stand-alone PV power generation system. 


The system mainly consists of theRange of applications£º

solar pannels £¨CIGS/polycrystalline/monocrystalline)£»inverter( micro inverter/ inverter)£»alufer structure for fix solar pannels£»AC Breaker 6kA 1P 25A 20amp, 4pole 1200v DC Breaker(Isolater)£»MC4 cable conectors£»MC4 Brancher Connector£»MC4 fuse connector£»MC4 diode connector £»AC cables (2.5£¬4£¬6mm2)£»DC cables (2.5£¬4£¬6mm2)£»combined box£»junction box£»Earth clamp£»Earth cable(4mm2)

In remote areas without electricity regions, islands, border posts, through the new base stations  


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