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21GW PV power station building can save the PV industry and it


According to a number of financial reports: " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " period of PV power generation installed capacity target identified as 21GW (21000000 kW ). This figure, let the troubled many domestic photovoltaic enterprises feel excited. On the 21GW this number come on stage, a " great leap forward " feeling, at first is the 5GW, later adjusted to 10GW; in May this year to rise again to 15GW, the final version is 21GW. But experts said the leadership, the figure is the final version, there will not be much change! But recently there are claims, this figure is too conservative, optimistic estimate is likely to reach 30GW.

Thus the government rescue PV and determination of large!

21GW can really save PV in fire and water?

If we look up to the 2007, 2008, 2009 this years financial reports, as well as local government industry development report, knew the photovoltaic industry will have today. Because " PV in creation myths, create capital myth ". To this beautiful myth, many places are created in the photovoltaic industry park, photoelectric are, sun city. So the balloon in the rapid expansion of myth, continue to enlarge. Until in 2012, as the global economic situation worsens further. Photovoltaic industry disaster really surfaced. It is the only American double reverse results?

In fact, the photovoltaic industry present situation, the origin of " gradually "!

The "circle " in the know, China 's photovoltaic industry two outside, or three head in! Raw materials, technology, market, equipment etc.. We want to do is what? Processing! Rough machining! Or called deep processing! To say nothing of " a waste of their power, energy saving, for others " as well as a large number of PV production pollution. Although many experts are saying, we grasp the core technology! We are engaged in a hitherto unknown "high-tech industry and so on. "! Basic is to deceive oneself and others " ". What is our advantage? That is, in the European Union for photovoltaic subsidy background, we manufacture a significant price advantage, the rapid growth of the industry! Regardless of the head on the outer, gold silver stimuli brought to jump on the bandwagon! " Knowing that mountain tiger, did ". What do the glasses, knitting socks, papermaking, do real estate all " a gamble " for quick! But enter since 2009, European Union economy go from bad to worse, the photovoltaic subsidy is decreased decrease again! Photovoltaic industry riding a roller coaster, even in 2010 in the input, and even "capital "! Today the photovoltaic battery component production capacity has exceeded 30GW, far more than global demand! Moreover, in Europe and the United States subsidies substantially reduced circumstances, installed capacity has is increasingly atrophic. Our battery components also sell there? So the United States of America double reverse, sounded the alarm bell of PV industry in china! The European Union again double reverse, no doubt let Chinese photovoltaic industry is close to hopeless situation! As for the United States and development of shale gas, is purely a diversionary smoke bombs, the Americans used a trick! Photovoltaic industry present situation investigates its reason, to whom?

It also emerged, save the photovoltaic industry and the " 21GW" expanding domestic demand, but also the " great leap forward" in the expansion of domestic demand! 21GW can really save PV in fire and water?

Since the 2005 Wuxi Suntech successfully landed on the NYSE, and a road stride forward singing militant songs, Shi Zhengrong become more wealth example, throughout the funds have reached, but mostly in the overseas listing. In Suntech, LDK and other enterprises under the influence, around the city to pay the money, out of the ground, industrial park, base, Sun City and jump on the bandwagon. In a short span of three five years, the achievements of China PV manufacturing first. Production behind, market risks have emerged. No code, no guide, more do not talk to go up the threshold and the standard! Resulting leader catchs photovoltaic, run the bank, all trades and professions for photovoltaic pv. Bubble formation, in the myth is broken! In a few short years " destroy " a rising industry! The world photovoltaic industry development today, who are the biggest victims? The answer must be chinese! So, today, for these enterprises to seek huge market. Depends on what? China's vast northwest? Or a serious power shortage? Maybe 21GW considerations from the. But the sharply lower price of photovoltaic components, and each company heavy financial status. Even to complete the 21GW installed, photovoltaic enterprises will be able to get out of the mess? Faced with shrinking markets in Europe and America, contend for big northwest isn't another fight at outrance fight? According to the United States of America an investment mechanism is disclosed, China's 10 largest photovoltaic enterprises debt has reached 100 billion yuan, remarkable dilemma.

Although the European Union mentioned double reverse, but also difficult to. Not easily this determination, is simply " looting ", use of a trade war means, consider other interests. Because they understand that, at present China's photovoltaic group hold on, yield is greatly in excess of. As global demand reduction, slump in price, cause the industry to step forward dimension difficult. The United States lift double reverse banner of China can cause about 10% of the effect, if the attack once more, is the crowning calamity. Because the Chinese PV output 60% the left and right sides on the EU, the visible component. But the European Union is not easily using a double reverse, they need a cheap cell components, although the current economic downturn; two is a photovoltaic cell high-end equipment supply and manufacturing mainly in Europe, especially in Germany, they are the biggest beneficiaries of photovoltaic industry. If at this time to double reverse, will not only bring a chain reaction, for the future high-end equipment export, will greatly affect the. They do not consider the problem. Chinese enterprise, also do not know this truth. But in the face of more than 90% of the export market, heart or " extreme panic ". In addition to the face of the bank, seeking the support of the government, but also the best reason.

In fact, photovoltaic industry will eventually solve the market demand is not much, in the face of national 21GW huge installed program, how to solve their own short board, is the only way. PV as an intermittent power source for power grid, the impact has been the industry focus. At present a lot of installed electricity station is unable to run normally, although this with the national power grid construction has certain relations, but the ultimate reason or photovoltaic power generation can not bear based power load. Therefore PV power station development, should be mainly distributed power station. But the big northwest area situation decision and distributed power station or limited capacity.

But in recent years a new solar power in Europe and the United States to rise, it is the solar thermal power. The United States as the earliest development countries, has been in the construction of 400 MW power plant, the technology is mature and reliable, has entered into commercial operation. As a new energy photovoltaic maximum power and different, is the power of good quality, all-weather power generation, can serve as the basis of power load. At present, Spain, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Chile, India, Australia, Argentina, North Africa, the Middle East and other places, a large power station is being built. China for the technology development has entered the industrialization stage. Jiangsu Sun New Energy Limited is a solar thermal energy storage system integration of professional manufacturers. The company has complete control of the thermal energy storage technology, make solar thermal power all-weather operation possible. Especially in high temperature molten salt thermal storage technology, is the leading domestic. Is currently the world 's most advanced thermal power generation of thermal storage technology. Solar thermal power is arisen, the photovoltaic industry technology upgrade, can be said to be a very good reference. China has a vast western light and heat resources, has huge power demand, master the core technology to participate in international competition, there is still three in outside?

Some time ago, " Southern on the weekend " is more profound reported this one reality. In the face of big northwest to jump on the bandwagon of the power plant construction, it really can " power "? It is not a new round of " repeat construction "? After the passion, to big northwest will be what?



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