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Solar photovoltaic technology and development trend


Crystal silicon solar cell theoretical conversion efficiency is about 30%, as competition intensifies, the photovoltaic enterprises in research and development efforts, improve the quality of batteries, although in this breakthrough to the small, but also to slow, but in the field of solar PV in many other aspects, technical innovation almost daily emerge in an endless stream.

Xinyu fire invention portable solar power supply box

Xinyu city police fire brigade soldier Lin Pingshui invented a portable fire special multifunctional solar power supply box, through the solar power, can give a walkie-talkie, headlights, calling for electronic devices, in particular can be converted into a common 220V voltage output power.

Lin Pingshui said, the invention of the multifunctional charging box inspiration from Jiangxi province held a regional earthquake drill. " The mountain is not easy, but also on the handling of large generator to solve the problem of electric charge, this increased the difficulty of mountain rescue, thus, portable solar power supply box emerge as the times require. "

Bisol released the two generation EasyMount support system series

A new generation of Bisol EasyMount high density polyethylene ( HDPE ) support system will at next week's IntersolarEurope show released. The second generation support system allegedly than the previous generation of quality should be light, designed for the Bisol component series of custom, the bracket system which can make them support PV module for more effective cooling.

Mecasolar introduced a new horizontal single axis trackers

Spain solar tracker, a fixed structure and anchor screw design, production and supplier Mecasolar, recently launched a new 140kW horizontal single axis solar tracker.

The new horizontal single axis tracker all parts are fastened together, without the need for welding. The tracker can be composed of a motor to drive the 12 axes of movement, each axis can drive the 48 assemblies, each axis of the total power of up to 11.6kW.

The company said, tracker module and light structure makes installation easy, lifting equipment is not required, saving time. The tracker setup process faster than the fixed mounting system, according to the location and dimensions of different, the product can make the output power of the system relative to the fixed system increases of up to 30%.

The launch of Danfoss CLX monitoring system and DLX series inverter

Danfoss solar inverter company recently launched CLX monitoring and network management products, as well as DLX series inverter with transformer series, mainly used in residential photovoltaic system.

CLX is an easy installation, a real-time monitoring system for photovoltaic products, can be all-weather track. It uses the ConnectSmart technology features, can be plug-and-play, without the need for field IT configuration.

DLX series inverter with transformer series suitable for all photovoltaic technology, including thin film solar cells. The design of indoor and outdoor can be installed to use, even in high temperature environment, DLX can also provide a smooth, continuous performance.

Through the mobile Danfoss solar software or go to the CLX website, can at any time to obtain the product data in real time. Danfoss pointed out, two-way, user friendly interface to display can be provided in a variety of languages, the user can simply, quick configuration.

SolarEdge display photovoltaic intelligent component

SolarEdge Technologies and several components manufacturers signed a cooperation agreement with the production, the company's next-generation power optimizer ( including the new IndOP Technology ) integrated into the components of. The company will be in Munich next week at the Intersolar Europe show equipment power optimizer, with safety monitoring ability of intelligent component.

SolarEdge intelligent assembly includes from JA solar ( JA Solar ), Yingli Green Energy ( Yingli Green Energy ), LDK LDK ( LDK Solar ), Upsolar Group, Phono Solar and Print-Rite new energy ( Tianwei New Energy ) product.

SolarEdge equipped with IndOP technology module allegedly without need of external hardware to operate. The technique allows direct job does not require any third party inverter.


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