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The German economy shows signs of recession photovoltaic industry cooperation welcome.


The German economy is increasingly involved in the European debt crisis and the downturn in the world economy. The Federal Bureau of statistics in 8 released data show, the country's export in the second quarter performance and industrial production were decreased, domestic orders are reduced, indicates that the German economy is facing a recession.
According to the statistics, in the second quarter of Germany for the euro zone 's exports decreased by 1.5%, the order was reduced by 1.7%, industrial production value than the reduction in early 0.3%. At the same time, domestic demand level decreased to the lowest level since 2010, consumer goods production enterprises output reduces 0.9%. On the economic experts, domestic demand reduction is the economic recession a signal.
Germany 1/2 of GDP from exports, most of them for the EU area. In order to solve the debt crisis, almost all European nations in the implementation of policy tightening, the economic downturn of the state is a lot more to reduce imports. In the second quarter, from the euro 's orders decreased by 4.9%. However, outside the EU exports are on the rise, growth rate is achieved even 19.8%, create growth in the main countries are Russia, the United States, Japan and Southeast asia. As the euro fell, once expensive German products are cheap.
German economist ever predicted last year, the European debt crisis will be the end of this year to achieve the ultimate, later will alleviate gradually, but the current situation is, the euro country with no effective solutions, the European debt crisis is fully extended to 2013 may. By the European sovereign debt crisis on the euro zone, Germany's first big economies also begins downhill, second quarter GDP growth rate of 0.2% is only slightly. However, and other euro country compared to Germany condition is good. Italy's GDP has decreased by 0.7%, Belgian and Spanish lower index is respectively 0.6% and 0.4%.
German Chamber of Commerce said, the euro zone problems bring Germany enterprises more and more difficult, in the foreseeable future this situation will not improve. At present, the Chinese enterprises are reducing investment and minimize inventory.
The prime minister, the end of the second round of German government after the consultations, the two government departments and enterprises signed involved in aviation, automobile and other fields a total of 18 cooperation agreements, including the " Airbus China assembly line two framework agreement ", " ICBC leasing company and the Airbus Company A320 series aircraft purchase agreement ", order of 50 aircraft involved in the contract amount of approximately 3500000000 dollars. China and Germany agree to settle through consultation of photovoltaic industry related issues, to avoid anti-dumping, and strengthen cooperation, it is to resolve trade disputes is an important way, is the second round of the government on the one of the important achievements of the world, will also play a role model.
Chinese photovoltaic industry has formed a complementary advantages, mutual interdependence. In 2011, China imported from Germany 764000000 dollar polysilicon material and a $360000000 silver raw materials purchased from overseas, a total of about 40000000000 yuan of the photovoltaic battery production equipment, including Germany and Switzerland and other European countries products accounted for nearly 50%. Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang said: " the EU if the Chinese photovoltaic product restrictions, threatens to shoot himself in the foot. "
The same sign promote two-way investment, energy, technical cooperation and other commercial agreements, including Volkswagen Automotive Automatic Transmission Project of Tianjin and resurgence communication with the German IET fixed-line broadband projects, commercial agreement, worth more than $3200000000.
" Airbus China assembly line two framework agreement " collaboration still to Airbus Company and including Tianjin Free Trade Zone and China Aviation Industry Corporation, China United body. As previously signed the " construction and A320 series aircraft final assembly line " framework agreement is valid until 2016, the two signed agreement of the greatest significance lies in that the cooperation of sustainability.
The Airbus 320 assembly line as a leader, AVIC helicopter, XAC international wing assembly, Hite high-tech companies such as have been settled in Tianjin Free Trade Zone, involving aircraft final assembly, parts manufacturing, aircraft rental, logistics and service fields. XAC International 2009 announcement and Airbus A320 series aircraft wing assembly signed project cooperation framework agreement, become the Airbus A320 series aircraft wing assembly project outside of Europe 's first supplier. This is regarded as China's aviation industry has the capacity to bear large aircraft manufacturing of key components of large-scale.
According to the recently introduced the " Tianjin Binhai New Area aviation industry development plan ( 2011-2020 year ) " and " city of Tianjin Binhai New Aerospace Industrial Development Plan ( 2011-2020) ", in the fields of aviation, large aircraft industry will around the Airbus A320 final assembly project, the introduction of related equipment parts manufacturers, becoming the first Asian assembly manufacturing and repair base. By 2015, the new aviation industry and aerospace industry will realize gross value of industrial output 50000000000 yuan, to 2020, two of the output value will reach 260000000000 yuan.

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