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China PV enterprises to seek investment is the way to the glory


China is the global PV enterprises the main gathering place, brilliant period ever bred in Wuxi such as Suntech international leading listed enterprises. But with the LDK LDK, Suntech and other giants of the bankruptcy news comes out ceaselessly, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises bankruptcy, boss run away news are frequent reports, China PV industry is no longer. Have high investment, high yield, high profit " three-high " photovoltaic industry, seems to instantly went trough.
Investment adviser in the energy industry researcher Ren Haoning thought, photovoltaic enterprises short time change cycle industry, management situation is worrying. In addition to the Western powers " layout ", domestic factors also " latent " for a long time, a critical moment to the photovoltaic enterprises a fatal blow.
First, the relevant departments of the state as the " Hangman " corner. As the photovoltaic industry leader of the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " with " a prominent role ", the formulation to be extremely careful. But the relevant departments blindly upregulation of each index, the short term will be the total installed capacity of up to 21GW by 5GW, resulting in excessive approval project, fast horse and so on, overcapacity, structure is maladjusted with. " Great leap forward" mode of thinking seriously restrict the sustainable development of photovoltaic industry. " Turn over a hand for cloud rain cover for the hand " of the Department in charge of key moments but few substantive initiatives introduced, photovoltaic enterprises want to walk out of predicament easier said than done?
Secondly, local government is important. Project planning, project approval, project mount a horse, projects and other links are not lack of local government " shadow "; enclosure, loan, later " comfort " is a local government with the photovoltaic giant 's means. Photovoltaic enterprises pursuit crop, scale, local government pursuit revenue, achievement, the two collaboration is a seamless heavenly robe. The local government has repeatedly ignored the rules of market economy, the administrative means to directly or indirectly help photovoltaic enterprises from bank loan to the large amount of hands, resulting in " one share, " the embarrassing situation of produce.
Finally, the PV enterprises turn in one's grave, troubles start inside the house. " ". The photovoltaic business early days needs to " big brother to take the lead in " full " get up earlier than cock, sleep later than the dog, eat worse than pigs, do more than a cow " dedication, lead the enterprise to break a " become rich road ". Once the enterprises to enter the normal track, especially after the listing, the management team to establish a modern occupation manager system, from the " beam to " model changes to the board of management mode. While domestic individual PV giant slightly performance, management, disaster that fall more than, "satiate us " not disgrace practice it is often seen.
The consultant research director Zhang Yanlin points out, China PV industry be beset with troubles internally and externally: external powers, government, enterprise interior layout of an accomplice who help a tyrant to victimize his subjects, the enterprise to take off tired " almost inaccessible ". Such as the merger and reorganization of the unavoidable, industry reshuffle is coming sooner the better. Only the batch enterprise bankruptcy, backward production capacity, excess capacity can be completely regular, " tasteless, hesitate to discard sth. " PV giant or can see " the sun of tomorrow ".
China solar energy enterprises in Taiwan area have been associated with peer cooperation negotiations to circumvent anti-dumping and countervailing investigation. In addition, the Taiwan area government is likely to be Chinese enterprise to Taiwan enterprise investment limit increased from 30% to 50%, it is expected that the move will further stimulate investment.
Recently, counselor of the State Council, China Renewable Energy Association Shi Dinghuan came to Taiwan to attend an industry conference, this visit was seen in China PV enterprises to invest in Taiwan area photovoltaic enterprises.
Although the Chinese solar supply chain is still at the state of fluctuation, the government still confident to the industry, and the Taiwan area of peer cooperation and trade in the face of obstacles is a kind of strategy. In addition, Taiwan photovoltaic enterprises share price has continued to fall, so now it is the best investment opportunity.
Taiwan photovoltaic enterprises lack strong supporters. In addition, in order to low visibility, enterprises are facing the test of vital importance.
Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs said, the government intends to let the Chinese mainland enterprises to invest in such as integrated circuits, semiconductor equipment, packaging and testing, panel, LED and solar cells and other high-tech industries. However, market observers think China PV enterprises should first focus on Taiwan influential enterprises

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